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Before going abroad for education, students need to prepare themselves for it not just materialistically, but also mentally. Team Migrates train our students to adapt to the new situation they are going to enter.

Students who are going abroad from India might experience something called as the ‘Culture Shock’ which basically is the extreme difference in culture, tradition and everyday practices of the people in the other country. Students will be trained on how to handle such shocks, right at the beginning.

We also help the student with the accommodation in the other country, earlier to avoid unnecessary tension for the student, in his/her new place.

We instruct students on what to carry with them, and what not to carry with them. Sometimes, the most essential things in India, might not at all be used abroad. We make sure that the students are aware of all such things before they start their journey.

Migrates teaches the students about the norms, things to do and things not to do, to adapt and live in the new society, with people of entirely another culture.