The confusion of what to choose, which course to pursue, which country is the best for which discipline, is there among almost all the students who want to pursue an overseas education. Worry not.

Team Migrates is there to guide you step by step, showing the pros and cons of different countries by comparing them with each other on the basis of Educational Standards, Immigration Policy, Degree’s recognition, Cost of Education and living, Career Opportunities and more.

Educational Loan

Overseas Education is expensive, and almost every one will try for an educational loan to achieve their dream of studying abroad. The process of getting the loan sanctioned might be tedious, due to a lot of protocols, requirements, and procedures of the banks.

Team Migrates will help and guide you in the process of getting an educational loan, faster and smoother.

Application Process

Team Migrates strives to make the process of Application as clear and as simple as possible so that the difficulties faced by the students who want to pursue overseas education are minimized.

Filling Applications Online The online application forms gets the necessary details of the applicant, such as the academic performance, personal details of the applicant.

Sending the Applications to the University – The Applications will be submitted to the respective university as hard or soft copy, depending on the norms of the University.

Score Reports – The official score reports of examinations such as GRE/GMAT/PTE/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS will be requested by the University, for overseas students. Team Migrates helps the aspiring students perform the best in the above-mentioned exams.

Following Up the Applications – Team Migrates regularly communicates with the University, to make sure that there is no delay in the processing time. The Students will also be updated with the same information, from the Universities. We also follow up with new rules and regulations by the University and strictly follows it so that there are no additional delays in this process.

Visa Assistance

Once the University confirms the admission for the student, he/she has to apply for Visa and get Visa Approval. Team Migrates assists the student to apply and get Visa approval without any hassles.

Assisting in filling the form – Some countries have their Visa forms online, while some have it offline. Team Migrates assist the students to complete the forms based on the respective rules and regulations of the specific country.

Submission of Documents – The procedure for documents submission varies from one country to another. One will ask the student to submit hard copies, while another will ask the student to submit the documents online. Team Migrates eliminates all the confusions and helps the students at every successive step in this process.

Test Preparation

Team Migrates prepares the students for an easier and convenient transition into their overseas educational experience. We have the best-in-class in-house trainers, who train the students to their best for the exams. Our interactive classes make the inner genius in all the student, shine out!
We, at Migrates, do not restrict our students to any particular score. We always train the students for the maximum score possible. Universities in abroad, require a score to evaluate the candidates who apply. Hence, tests such as GRE/GMAT/SATA are undertaken by the students along with English exams such as TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/CAE. Team Migrates focus on the student’s growth and score simultaneously, which makes it a better methodology to follow.

Post Departure

The relationship between the student and Team Migrates does not end with just sending them to the University. We are always available to take your queries and help you resolve them, in no time. Our experienced professionals will help you and guide you with the best accommodation, medical provisions, transportation and more.

We focus on enhancing the overall overseas study experience and that is the primary goal of ours.

Pre Departure

Before going abroad for education, students need to prepare themselves for it not just materialistically, but also mentally. Team Migrates train our students to adapt to the new situation they are going to enter.

Students who are going abroad from India might experience something called as the ‘Culture Shock’ which basically is the extreme difference in culture, tradition and everyday practices of the people in the other country. Students will be trained on how to handle such shocks, right at the beginning.

We also help the student with the accommodation in the other country, earlier to avoid unnecessary tension for the student, in his/her new place.

We instruct students on what to carry with them, and what not to carry with them. Sometimes, the most essential things in India, might not at all be used abroad. We make sure that the students are aware of all such things before they start their journey.

Migrates teaches the students about the norms, things to do and things not to do, to adapt and live in the new society, with people of entirely another culture.

University Selection

Institutional Ranking – While we do consider the ranking of the university, Rankings does not mean everything because, one ranking protocol, followed by one will be different from the other. Hence, apart from ranking, Team Migrates also focuses on other aspects such as quality of education, infrastructure and more while picking a University.

Entrance Examination Scores – Entrance Examinations are categorized into two. One is English proficiency and the other is prerequisite examinations. The score of the student secured in these examinations will be considered by us, before shortlisting universities.

Institution’s Accreditation – Accreditations are given to an institution after a very keen examination of the University on various aspects. Hence, we select only the well-accredited universities, so that the degree is well recognized, and the educational quality is on top.

Budget – To ensure that the University is under the budget of the student’s parents, we confirm the budget with them and while shortlisting, we try to stick to the budget as much as possible.

Location – If the student has any location preferences, our team will shortlist the universities only in and around that particular location.

Academic Percentage – Universities focus on the previous academic percentage of the student since it showcases the student’s performance in his/her discipline. We consider this as an important aspect while shortlisting universities for the candidate.