Study in Canada

Canada is considered as one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. With toping the list of Career, Tourism and Business, Canada is also considered to be one of the best places to study, live and settle in.

1.The System of Education – While offering a series of professional degrees, technical degrees, diplomas, doctorates and other certifications, Canada is one of the top players in Overseas Education, with greatly standardized educational syllabus in a wide range of disciplines.

2.Extra-Curricular Activities – Canada has a long list of other activities for its students other than the top-class education it’s offering. As an enhancement to the student’s experience in Canada, the list includes sports, museums, art galleries, and more, just inside the University Campuses.

3.Research Openings – Government of Canada funds and supports the research activities of students, post-secondary education. Canadian Government considers researches conducted by students to be a very important part of industrial development, creating opportunities in Medicine, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Computer Science, Environmental Science and more industries.

4.Cost of Education – The tuition fee is relatively cheaper than USA and UK, even though the education offered in Canada is considered to be one of the highest ranked in the world.

5.Medium of Instruction – Canadian Educational System teaches English and French as compulsory during the course of study. This helps the International students, not only to easily learn, but also making their higher education in Canada smoother, since Canada is a bilingual Country with English and French as it’s official languages.

6.Immigrant-Friendly – Canada and it’s foreign and immigrant policy is considered to be one of the most immigrant-friendly policies in the world. Canada welcomes students from all over the world to experience its high-class educational system, making overseas education easily available.

7.Job Opportunities while studying – In Canada, International Students are given a Study Permit. With that Study Permit they have a lot of opportunities to work outside campus and cut down on their expenses there.

8.Cultural Diversity – Canadian immigrant-friendly policies, makes it a democracy with one of the most diverse cultural hubs in the world. People from all cultural backgrounds, Festivals of all regions, are cherished and celebrated there in Canada. There have been almost zero discrimination events there, making it very easy for overseas students to live.

9.Recognition to Degree – All Canadian degrees and certifications are globally accepted and Canadian Degree holders are highly encouraged and hired by employers of different countries.

10.Canada’s focus on International Students – The Canadian Government has focused on not only recruiting immigrants, but also providing the best to immigrant students and providing work opportunities in Canada, to help them settle in Canada itself. Recently, Canada’s International Education Strategy reported that by 2020, its goal is to double the number of full-time international students to 450,000.