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Once the University confirms the admission for the student, he/she has to apply for Visa and get Visa Approval. Team Migrates assists the student to apply and get Visa approval without any hassles.

Visa Guidelines:

Team Migrates explain and makes the students understand the guidelines, norms, and regulations, that are stated out by the foreign Government for Visa Approval. We also explain the financial requirements for living and education to the students, to ensure that they are prepared for their overseas experience.

Assisting in filling the form :

Some countries have their Visa forms online, while some have it offline. Team Migrates assist the students to complete the forms based on the respective rules and regulations of the specific country.

Submission of Documents

The procedure for documents submission varies from one country to another. One will ask the student to submit hard copies, while another will ask the student to submit the documents online. Team Migrates eliminates all the confusions and helps the students at every successive step in this process.